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About us

From our beginnings as a small trading company in 2008, ARATEX has evolved to a world-class corporation with businesses that span advance technology,LED Module,LED Display, advertising board and all LED & SMD based lighting equipment. Our products quality have allowed us to be a leader in these fields, constantly pushing the industries forward. Through our devotion and innovation to create superior products and services across all areas of our business, we strive to enhance the smart and modern lighting industry and bring positive change to the world around us. In a changing world, we’re changing faster. We are relentless in our pursuit of discovery and innovation, creating technologies and providing services that empower. Opening the door to a world of possibility, in ways that only ARATEX can


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Summary of Activities

   The main activity of the company focused on importing all of the following products directly from the manufacturer enterprises in order to ensure the quality of products and achieve competitive prices. These components upon the following brands and trademarks supplied in the local and
foreign markets as
Single Color LED Module

Single red LED module (P10- 1R) / single green LED module (P10- 1G) / single white LED module (P10-1W)

Full Color LED Module

   Full-color module (P10-RGB) / Full-color module (P10-3in1) / Full-color module (P13-3in1)

controller board of scrolling/Ribbon (Caption) Board or municipal TV
LED Display Controller
HD  Controller / NovaStar   controller / online controller Linsn

supply power of scrolling/Ribbon Board
supply    Power 5V (CL) /  supply power 12V (Neon pro)
Digital Tube or fluorescent light
Full color SMD block
Full color Pixel Point - full-color Circular pixels or finger LED digital
Full color Square Pixel